Medical Strains

Your first trip to the dispensary for legal cannabis is an exciting experience. There’s a wide variety of strains, extracts, edibles, topicals, and all sorts of temptations to choose from. The budtenders at Cultiv8 are available to assist you with your selections, ensuring you discover the products that best suit your needs. We ask a lot of questions in order to personalize our recommendations. Unfortunately, not every dispensary has assembled such a knowledgeable, upstanding, and dedicated team.

Things to Consider Before Making a Cannabis Purchase

We’ve put together a list of Medical Testing to help you make better choices. We offer important factors to consider before making a purchase.

  • Type of experience you’re looking for – From edibles, beverages, and tinctures to smoking flowers, cannabis can be consumed in all sorts of ways. If you aren’t sure what works best for you, be prepared with some questions about the consumption methods. Our budtenders are happy to explain your options and provide guidance.
  • Preferred consumption method – The type of cannabis and consumption method depends on the experience you hope to gain from it. If you’re using cannabis as a treatment for pain or anxiety, to clear your mind, or to improve focus or sleep, we’re going to recommend very different strains and products.
  • Level of psychoactive experience you want – Depending on the product type, consumption method, and dosage, cannabis influences your mental and physical state in unique ways. These variances are further affected by your tolerance. Whether you’re seeking a non-intoxicating, relaxing, or an uplifting and cerebral experience, let our budtenders know.
  • Duration of the effects – Different strains include unique attributes and terpene combinations that provide a range of effects and a variety in length of high. Dabbing typically offers a quick and intense experience. With edibles, you wait for it to digest and slowly enter the bloodstream, but the effects are lengthened. Decide how long you wish to feel the effects to help your budtender best determine your ideal product and consumption method.